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PR Distribution Platform

The right to information speaks about every individual has the right to be informed with accurate and transparent information which makes the democracy work in real sense.  Well, in the times of fake news being transmitted in every corner it’s important to provide news that is transparent and accurate.

So, we at TS newswire are one of the leading PR agencies of the time. We aim at providing quality content to our readers which helps them to gather information more quickly which makes the system transparent. We are a team of professionals who continuously put all our efforts and hard work towards providing quality content to our readers.

How and why we started

We started with the idea of providing accurate and consistent news to our readers. We segregate our content in various segments which help our readers in attaining useful information that differentiates us from our competitors. The different segments comprise of business news, economy news, and top stories, etc. It helps our readers to arrive at correct information within the stipulated period.

In case you are juggling in finding useful content than you are on the right platform. We have a team of experts who evaluate information before it comes to you. Because we know every reader is special to us and their requirement varies from time to time.

Why choose us-

We are a leading platform and we are no hype. The quality content we provide at our platform makes us stand out among our competitors. Along with it, we provide news to numerous websites such as Google, marketwatch.com and FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and others, Forbes India, ANI, Yahoo news, and other news websites that clearly show our market segmentation.  All these websites are your first choice whenever you are looking for quality content which itself shows what kind of services we provide to our readers. So, do you need any more reason to choose us?

We are already ahead of our times in providing the information that you deserve. It’s your time to choose something that makes you ahead of time.


Our vision is to provide quality content and helping our readers to stay away from fake news. In today’s era, it’s important to recognize the importance of quality content which makes us unique. We work intending to provide the right information at the right time to the right person. So, for the next time, you are looking for some valid results do visit us. We have got it what you need.

The royal lakshya is a platform that brings the best information for you within a few clicks. We are the hub of the most reliable, accurate, and transparent information. Because getting informed correctly is your right and we stand for your right to information.

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